Stereo System

April 2015

All four speakers worked when I bought the Cherokee. But, as time went on, I ended up having one and a half working speakers. So, I decided to upgrade the sound system to something I'd enjoy while driving.

I wasn't looking to have the best sound system - just something that was much better than the previous system (plus I had a budget!). So, I ended up getting four Kicker DSC5 speakers, a Rockford Fosgate P2D4 8-inch subwoofer, a JVC KSAX3502D five-channel amplifier, and an Alpine CDA-9885 stereo. All-in-all, it sounds pretty good!

The new system was going to have an 8-inch subwoofer, but I needed to have an stealth enclosure so I could still carry cargo and dogs.

Several trim pieces needed to be removed to run the speaker wire to all five speakers and to install the new deck. Taking the front seats out made it a lot easier to work with.

This factory cubby is where the subwoofer will soon live.

Once the box was installed, the panelling had to be cut out and reinstalled over the box.

The subwoofer got installed and plugged in.

I opted to install the five-channel amplifier underneath the right rear passenger seat.