Surco Roof Rack

September 30, 2011

I like having a fullsize spare tire to rotate into the mix so all tires are the same. This does mean the spare tire will take up more room in the factory location - inside the cargo area. I opted to install a safari rack to carry the tire, recovery gear, and anything else I want.

Aside from custom-building a roof rack (something I am not good at nor do I have access to a welder), I found the Surco Safari Rack was the best bang for the buck. Not only can I mount the spare tire in it, there are several additional mounts available for other gear (like the hi-lift jack, shovel, and axe). This roof rack gives me the flexibility I need when it comes to choosing what it should carry.

All of the pieces to the roof rack that now need to be assembled.

The roof rack assembled and ready to be mounted.

The roof rack is now mounted along with the tire and recovery gear.