I was born in Idaho, but didn't stay long before seeing 23 countries in four continents prior to high school and two more continents since. Large, historical cities have a place in my heart with their amazing architecture and history, but nothing captures my heart like nature - the wilderness. There's such peace, yet at the same place and a different time there's such drama and power - both extremely beautiful. Currently based in Colorado, I love to wander through the wilderness and National Parks of this state and those of the Western United States capturing nature the way I see it - whether the grand scene or the intimate portraits.


My photographic background comes from a few years of playing around with point-and-shoot film cameras and once I reached high school I took two years of black and white photography classes to learn about the development and printing process. After making the switch to digital in 2005, I learned more about composition while focusing on architecture. When I moved to Colorado in 2006, I fell in love with nature and wanted to capture its beauty far more than man's creations. Since then I've focused only on landscape and nature photography primarily using color. While struggling to really capture the beauty, I realized color was getting in my way and black and white allowed me to capture and express my art the way I intended. Though I haven't completely abandoned color, it is quickly becoming a smaller part of my portfolio.

camera equipment

I use nothing but digital technology to capture and develop my work as the lightweight equipment allow me to adapt quickly to the scene and create the art I wish to share. My field arsenal includes a Canon 5DII, a few lenses and filters, and a carbon fiber tripod; I'm primarily using Adobe Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex in the darkroom.