Cruise Control

August 2016 - February 2017

One of the options available on the Cherokee was cruise control. Mine did not have the option from the factory, but the plumbing is already present so adding the option would be fairly simple.

All that's required is the vacuum canister, steering wheel switches, and a different clock spring.

Factory cruise control switches are located on the steering wheel. Mine does not have them.

One of the three things to install was the vacuum canister. Here it's installed in the factory location next to the battery and has a cable running to the top of the engine (throttle body).

The second part to replace is the clock spring. It's located in the steering column so the steering wheel had to be removed.

Unfortunately, my steering wheel was stuck on the column so well that the puller just ripped it off leaving part of it attached to the column.

A quick trip to the junkyard yielded a replacement steering column and wheel. This one already had cruise control so I didn't have to change out the clock spring!

After installing the cruise control switches, some people get a new airbag cover. The junkyards around here don't sell airbags and pull them all out (including the covers) before allowing people to pick from the vehicles. So, I cut my cover to fit.

Now I have working cruise control!