JCR Rock Sliders

January 7, 2012

Whenever you're rock crawling, there's always the potential of hitting your rocker panel on a rock and incurring body damage. I decided to add some protection so I got some JCR Rock Sliders.

Unfortunately, I was too late in putting my rock sliders on. A few of us went wheeling and I came home with some damage.

The sliders arrive from JCR ready to be finished with primer and paint.

I primered them, but in hindsight I wish I used a spray primer.

Sliders are painted a flat black. I opted to paint as it can easily be touched up after getting some scraps from rocks.

A single slider to show more detail.

Now the sliders are ready to be mounted. Here is the stock rocker panel.

The slider needs to be jacked into position so I can mark where the holes will be drilled in the frame rail and body seam.

This happened on hole 1 of 26.

Once all holes are drilled, they were painted for rust protection since bare metal was showing.

Now we bolt it to the Jeep. I really like how it's bolted to the body seam for extra support. This is noticeably stronger.

Now the slider is installed and ready to take the beating rather than the body.

Profile view of the new sliders.

I lost a couple of inches in clearance, but at least this way my body won't get damaged anymore.


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