Relay/Fuse Box + Accessories

January - February, 2017

With the addition of aftermarket accessories, I needed a good way to power them all and still have a factory look. So, I built my own wiring harness and plugged it into the switches and a new relay/fuse box.

I built my own wire harness to run to the accessories and their respective switches.

A mounting bracket was fabricated so the relay box would mount securely inside the engine bay.

The mounted relay/fuse box.

In order to stay organized and provide documentation to whomever may need it, I added a label.

Once the harness was run to the respective switch locations, I wanted to ensure it could be easily removed so I used Molex connectors for the interior connections.

To help maintain a factory look, I ran the wiring for the roof accessories through the roof and down the channel.

The harness then came out of the channel and up to the rack.

One set went to the front roof light bar.

Another set went to the rear flood lights. The connectors are weather-proof.

Next up I had to cut some holes in my overhead console for a few switches.

I used Toyota-style push button switches for the three sets of lights.

I swapped the three-switch bezel for this 3D-printed six-switch bezel and added more switches and dual USB charging ports.

The ashtray was replaced with a 3D-printed switch bezel and switches.

Let there be light!

Additional rear lighting will be helpful on the trails and camp.

The third set of lights went to my trailer so I can see where the trailer is going.

The trailer lights and rear flood lights.


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